OGSIRO Offshoring Tool

Welcome to the Office of the Government's Senior Information Risk Owner's (OGSIRO) Offshoring Tool.

This tool should be used in conjunction with HMG's Offshoring Information Assets Classified at OFFICIAL and also the OGSIRO tool guidance which we recommend you read before using this tool as it will inform you of the information required to complete a submission.

Please note the Government SIRO’s definition of offshoring when deciding whether you need to submit a request: “Any arrangement where the performance of any part of the services or a solution under a contract may occur outside the UK for domestic (UK) consumption.”

You do not need to sign in to use the tool. If you wish to access or review your previous offshoring requests please create an End User account by clicking 'Sign in' (above right).

Click 'Submit a request' (above right) to begin using the Offshoring Tool.

Click 'OGSIRO Offshoring Policy' (below) to access and download the offshoring policy.

Data Protection
This tool is provided by Zendesk Inc, for the Cabinet Office. The tool will collect certain personal data (name, organisation, telephone number, email address) about you and your SIRO, which is necessary for the process of submitting an offshoring request. You can access and correct your personal data if it is wrong. Outside of the Cabinet Office and Zendesk (for support purposes only), your data will not be passed to any other organisations.